Express Admission & Entrance to The Missoula Haunted House only $7.50 (reg value $15)

Express Admission & Entrance to The Missoula Haunted House only $7.50 (reg value $15)

The Missoula Haunted House
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2017 marks the 5th year of The Missoula Haunted House. Roothead Studios started producing Haunted Houses in 2010. At first the Haunted Houses were small, private events. Everyone who attended had great reviews. People consistently said that it was “the best event I attended during Halloween.” That motivated Roothead Studios to scale up production and bring Missoula a Halloween event like none other. We at Roothead studios are excited to bring you this year's Halloween theme, The Reaping.

This Years Story:
On an old dusty highway, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, there is a tiny motel. The type of place where you might imagine honeymooners from the 1950's would stop to refuel and refresh themselves on their way to their actual destination. The rest of the world moved on to bigger and better things, bigger and faster Highways, but the motel stayed as it was, unchanged. Now it sits on the side of the old dusty road waiting like a spider in a hidden corner of its web. A little less than a mile from the motel is a blind curve with thick trees on either side and grass growing through the cracks in the asphalt. The perfect place to lay a trap. The pothole is only four inches deep at most and two feet wide but somehow it always gets the job done. This motel, like any other trap, is easy to get caught in but next to impossible to escape.


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About The Missoula Haunted House

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The Missoula Haunted House Location:
The Missoula Haunted House 1101 South Ave W, Missoula County Fairgrounds - corner of Brooks and Russell
Missoula, Montana, 59801, US Get Directions
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